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someone needs to make We Are Number One but every "One" is a entry from Karl Pilkington diary
is it me or dose anyone else dont like the new DeviantART update?

i cant arrange the pictures in my folders and its making me upset
Alek he is a extream hothead, aways trying to prove himself better than his older, cowardly brother in very typical and prankster ways. he can also be very disastrous at some points, he dosent know his own power and strength, but that dosent stop him from being a dangerous little guy
Where The Maymays At?
some art of the amazing :iconholyphat1:

keep up the great work out there dude!


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Doctor Venuz
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
heya, im Doctorvenuz. i exist

to blow sum info on you all, im a stoopid autistic guy (and i am NOT using it as some way to shield myself from hate, i really am autistic) that loves to draw, play games, talk to friends and make new friends and meme. if anyone wants to friend me on skype or steam, my steam should be in the links below and PM me if you wanna be friends and ill send you my skype user

just to let people know, do NOT take most of my art seriously, a lot of it might look like hate art, bashing on other's fetish'es and opinions but it isnt really. i do not want or mean to harm others, that is the LAST thing i dont want to do

also, if you see a picture that is marked to be seen by only you adult pedos, there not porn, those posts are just me being stupid and funny. theirs a reason i made that Furaffinity guys, and if you have read up on the account, i post there rarely, like 1 out of 1000% rare. i dont even draw porn majorly (and no, im not saying i do draw porn), so if you want to see some good doctorvenuz shitpost porn, then wait a good long wile, coz i might never make it or make it only once

check out my official Discord server here:

check out this fucktarded comic me and a bunch of friends are doing for fun: the-story-of-bartholomew.tumbl…

check out my MSPFA "Lost" here, its creepy, spooky and other spooky stuff:…

Youtube -…
Steam -…
Reddit -…
Twitch -…
Twitter -
Tumblr -
Pinterest ( my second tumblr ) -
MSPABooru posts -…
Furaffinity (for NSFW requests/art) -…
Talkhaus Art Thread -…

(taking requests and art trades, NSFW requests and art trades go to the Furaffinity account so it has a reason to exist)


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You.. You just watch me?? :iconepicstareplz:
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no problem :^)
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HOW DARE YOU FAVE MY WORK!!!? PERVERT!!! Clem Epic face by ZoraSteam
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